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The Verge of Professionalism

Having made the decision to try and become a freelance video editor a little while ago, I was halfway expecting nothing to happen at all. That is until I completed a job, got contacted about details for another job, and began to get paid.

I certainly have the skills to do it. After all, I've been learning to edit on my own for six years now and have picked up a ton of experience. I have the means to do it, which is to say I have experience with a couple of video editing software apps and one that I ultimately decided to use and master. I also have the time to do it, mostly because I'm a college student who's not going back for another month. Yet, this does not make me a professional yet and I'm not sure what does.

For my entire life I saw being a professional as being good enough at something to get paid for it to be a job. Yet I look at several part time jobs now and think "is that part time employee at a restaurant a professional cook?" or "is that part time driver for uber a professional chauffeur?" You could answer yes but it would be tinged with a sense that they're not skilled at their profession. I guess by that metric you could answer no to me because I don't get paid enough.

Yet, the way things are going that could change any moment now.

There are many other ways of looking at what a professional is that I could discuss, but right now I just want to mark this blog post as the moment where I'm sitting on that edge. I could easily swing into the professional range as soon as tomorrow, or I could slowly drift away from the edge until a few months from now after college. Whatever happens, the view is great looking over the edge while on the verge of professionalism.