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My process and "drafts"

So, my own personal videos typically follow a set process. What is perhaps the most important part of this process are my "drafts". They're not quite typical drafts though, as they don't represent the final product. More like they're set checkpoints where I can mark my progress in creating a video.

After recording any initial footage (backgrounds, gameplay, B-roll, etc.), I organize all of that footage into a rough placement of where they'll end up. This includes editing down all of that footage, reworking any pre-planned elements to fit (such as the script) and voicing over the footage based on the script and structure of what I expect the final product to be. This step can take upwards of a few days and I label it as my first draft once completed.

Following that I record any secondary and primary footage (green screen footage plus any supplementary footage that's still necessary) based on the first draft and the voice over that will act as a placeholder from this point onward. From this point I edit in all of that footage, which includes changing the placement of the video elements, some rudimentary animation, and any necessary special effects. This stage also includes making any small changes and fixes to the first draft based on what I have edited and recorded so far. This is the second draft and it can take as long as twice the length of time to make the first draft and as short as a few hours depending on the video in question.

Finally, the third draft is prepping the video for release. I dub the primary and secondary footage and use those voice clips to replace the placeholder voice overs. I then make some last minute changes such as reviewing the footage for missing effects, extending or shortening transitions, and any other changes. While this draft tends to be the shortest it is by far the most important. Any mistakes made during the previous two drafts are caught here and any that are missed will stay unless major revisions are made or another draft is necessary.

Of course, following that if there are large enough issues then I make a final draft. This could occur if I am unhappy enough with the video in general to not feel comfortable posting it, or if I feel like it needs some more editing work. I make changes ranging from minuscule to massive in an attempt to make the video into something I can be okay with. If I can finish the draft in a state I am at least amicable towards then I will post it. However, if I am completely unable to wrangle the video into a decent state then it won't be posted at all and I will either trash it or salvage what I can for a different project. (Fun fact, I have made a few of my videos' intros from failed projects)

At the current moment I just barely finished the second draft for my next video. This is after weeks of work.

Anyway, that's it for today! I only have three things to ask of any of you reading and that's to always be awesome, always be kind, and always be random!